Grow Your Potential

As a global think tank focused on Fundamental Academic Skills, SPRIX Research Institute is committed to helping people all over the world expand their options and achieve their full potential.

What are FAS?

Fundamental Academic Skills Are the Foundation of Learning

Fundamental Academic Skills (FAS) are literally the foundations of academic success. Without them, learning would be impossible. FAS include reading, writing, mathematics, and other quantitative skills.

Why FAS?

The Key to Academic Success

Students with strong FAS are well prepared for their learning journey and readily grasp new concepts that expand their knowledge. The primary goal of SPRIX Research Institute is to help students improve their FAS and heighten retention so that they are able to achieve their full potential.

Who We Are

A Global Think Tank Focused Fundamental Academic Skills

SPRIX Research Institute was created by SPRIX – a leading Japanese education company – as part of an ongoing effort to enhance the lives and learning journeys of people everywhere. In addition to conducting research and exchanging ideas with prominent educators around the world, it was necessary to find an efficient and accurate way to measure the FAS of individuals on a global scale. This led to the creation of TOFAS.

SPRIX Research Institute Managing Director, Shuhei Umeda

Graduated from the School of Engineering at Waseda University. After working for a major Japanese corporation, relocated to the US where he earned an MBA. Returned to Japan and was employed by a foreign financial company before joining SPRIX.

Words of Wisdom

A Message from Shuhei Umeda, Managing Director

Fundamental Academic Skills have long been recognized as indispensable to academic learning. For over 25 years, we have provided educational services and materials that address deficiencies in these critical areas. Recently, dramatic changes have altered the educational environment, motivating people to learn on their own and making Fundamental Academic Skills even more important. SPRIX Research Institute was created to enhance our understanding of educational systems around the world, and to learn the mindsets of those responsible for shaping them. As a global educational think tank, we continuously conduct research that expands our knowledge of FAS and helps us determine the best path forward. We work closely with other research organizations, learning institutions, and individual educators, for we all committed to enriching the lives and futures of people everywhere.

Who is SPRIX?

Dedicated to Academic Excellence

SPRIX was founded in Japan in 1997 with a mission to help students improve their academic standing by instilling confidence and expanding their ability to learn. The Company offers a range of learning opportunities, including industry-leading tutoring schools, textbooks and teaching materials, advanced skills testing, and online educational platforms.