TOFAS can increase a child’s future options. 

, Sri Lanka

In July 2022, TOFAS was implemented for the first time in Sri Lanka. The test was administered at two schools: Sujatha Vidyalaya School and Highland Colleges School. Approximately 1,500 students from third grade to tenth grade participated. Despite the ongoing economic crisis, teachers said they decided to introduce TOFAS because they wanted to provide children with opportunities to learn even in unstable times. The children themselves looked forward to taking TOFAS from the very beginning. On the day of the test, however, there were concerns that demonstrations and power outages might hinder testing, but thanks to the support of teachers and parents, the examination was completed without interruption. An award ceremony is planned for October 2022.

After this initial success, TOFAS will be introduced to more schools in Sri Lanka. The objective is to increase the number of options children have in the future by securing a solid understanding of Fundamental Academic Skills.


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