What We Do

SPRIX Research Institute is involved in myriad activities – from academic research to the exchange of ideas – that enhance our ability to improve lives by strengthening Fundamental Academic Skills.


A World of Research

SPRIX Research Institute conducts research in Japan and internationally, and liaises with other research organizations who share our goals. What we learn helps shape our approach to measuring and improving FAS, while facilitating the development of unique learning materials that incorporate advanced technology and AI.


Facilitating a Test of Fundamental Academic Skills (TOFAS)

SPRIX Research Institute supported the development of TOFAS, a global online assessment test that measures FAS and provides a detailed analysis of the results. This valuable insight enables educators to offer students better individual support and leads to improved classroom performance. The tests are taken simultaneously around the world, facilitating a global comparison that can motivate both educators and their students. Currently, over 1 million individuals in 32 countries have benefited from TOFAS.


Exchanging Ideas with the Best Minds in Education

SPRIX Research Institute seeks to cultivate relationships with academic leaders and innovators. The exchange of knowledge and ideas can lead to many developments – from content creation to more efficient methods of strengthening FAS.


2 International Surveys Reveal Attitudes Toward Learning & FAS

In 2021, SPRIX RI surveyed 22,000 children and parents in 11 countries. The objective was to learn how respondents feel about the state of education. The first was an awareness survey that focused on learning; the second dealt with Fundamental Academic Skills.

Survey Insights

  • Regional Differences

    There are clear regional differences in learning consistency and retention rates.

  • Increased Interest

    Children from countries with higher learning consistency and retention rates display more interest in school and self-study.

  • Global Importance

    All surveyed countries were aware of the importance of FAS, though Asia, Europe, and the US have different approaches to learning.

  • School Satisfaction

    Satisfaction in school classes exceeded 80%.

  • Identifying Problems

    As online learning increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, over 70% of parents and guardians expressed interest in periodic knowledge surveys to identify difficulties.